Picking a wedding date

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A wedding is a massive event and also a huge milestone in life and with all big events, it should be done as large and grand as you can afford to do. This day is very similar to Chinese New Year as you would spend the whole day as you mean to go on. There are certain should’s = and shouldn’ts of your wedding.

1) When you can do so, try and choose a fortunate day for you and your partner for the date of your wedding to ensure that your wedding day is an auspicious date to hold your wedding on. We have a daily Tong Shu Almanac on our Facebook page giving advice for wedding days and other important and everyday tasks for the day ahead. We also have a monthly Almanac which can be viewed by clicking this link but it may be worth looking at the Tong Shu software as weddings tend to be planned up to years ahead.

Below is an example of our daily Almanac on our Facebook page.

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